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5G networks

There is a heated debate on the network over the fifth generation of 5G mobile communications. Many consider this network to be a way of mass control. But what exactly is 5G technology?

Mobile operators are constantly trying to expand the list of opportunities for their user. Provide useful services, for example, "who called" while you were not online, or warn the subscriber if there is a massive call. If the caller's number is not familiar to you, you can find out who called on special sites. In general, cellular companies are trying to attract subscribers with various additional features. But today the main criterion for evaluating an operator is the speed of the Internet. Great efforts are being made to develop new standards for wireless data transmission. Today I use 3G and 4G networks, the maximum data transfer rate of such a network is 100 Mbps.

A new 5G wireless data network is undergoing testing. Very soon, a super-fast network will be launched, the data transfer rate of which will reach up to 10 Gbit / s. This will make it possible to make a breakthrough in many areas: trade, manufacturing, medicine, home improvement and everyday life, etc. Unfortunately, there is also a downside to this innovation. An increase in data transfer speed will lead to an increase in the number of DDoS attacks. The point of such attacks is that a huge number of false requests are sent to the server. As a result, the server cannot cope with so many requests and the site simply stops working.

Rollout of 5G networks in Russia will be difficult as the frequency ranges that make it possible to create megaspeed Internet in our country are busy. The high-frequency range in Russia is used by power structures and ROSCOSMOS. Cellular companies Megafon, MTS, Vimpelcom, Rostelecom have created an association for the implementation of a 5G network in Russia. They developed a project, from which it follows that the allocation of the necessary frequencies is possible, but subject to the participation of the state in this project. There is no talk of a complete clearing of the range, hence it follows that this network will not be used for civilians.

Source: sklad4ina.ru

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