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My name is Marina T. Willard. According to the “generally accepted opinion” when meeting you must immediately tell what you do, who is by profession, what is your education.

To be honest, I do not really agree with many “generally accepted opinions” imposed on us. I prefer the romantic and childish position of the Exepuri on this score. Therefore, I chose this epigraph.

So, NOT about the professions (about my professions, about the blog, about who and how it can be useful, I wrote in the article About the blog).

You can say that I was lucky. I was born in a family of romantics and optimists. Even the name Alena’s parents called me for a reason, and in honor of their love. The fact is that parents call a friend Alain, Alyona, and not by their real names. Alena is the name of their love. They fell in love at first sight.

I also believe in this miracle – love at first sight. For this, I am grateful to my parents. It is said that love and happiness are often inherited. Plus a person inevitably gets what he believes. I think because of this, when my childhood ended, the Heavenly Chancellery sent me a prince who looked like my father.

I am also grateful to my parents for instilling self-confidence in me since childhood. They always said that they believed in me, that I could do anything. They taught me not to go with the flow, but to search for the meaning of life, to search for myself, to set goals (for more on this, see the article “50 goals in a person’s life – a list. Run is easy!”).

In the same atmosphere of trust, love, positivity, creativity and freedom, my husband and I raised our children. I confess that when they were in school, my husband and I planned to “give” them to an economic or polytechnic university (where we studied ourselves). After all, five or ten years ago, none of us knew that there would be such professions as web designer, UX designer, SEO manager, SMM specialist and others.

Children want to live brighter and more beautiful than our generation and feel the spirit of the times. I think it was our children who helped us understand that the new time of the post-industrial, information society has arrived. They helped to quickly get rid of old views on life, work and business, quickly reorient, engage in new, promising business, gain new knowledge. I am very grateful to them for this! And I want to share with you on the pages of the blog new knowledge, to popularize information about the possibilities of the new digital era.

I want to say that I like the new time much more. Now it has become disproportionately easier to search for yourself, learn, choose a profession. Previously, in order to work in any field, it was necessary to first get a formal education in this area.