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Now there are many apps for making money that can be installed on a mobile device. Working with them does not require significant effort. The amount of earnings depends on the time that the user is willing to spend on such a side job. One of these applications is Advertapp.

More about AdvertApp

This development is suitable for those who do not want to spend a lot of time. Usually half an hour a day is enough to earn enough to pay for mobile communications, for example. If you want more ambitious results, the resource for working with the application is not limited. It all depends on the user's ambitions.

Advertapp is installed on Android smartphones. It is also possible to download to iPhon / Ipad. The development interface is colorful and intuitive. The main actions that the user will need to perform are installing various applications, registering in games, leveling up, reviews. On average, about a hundred tasks are offered per month.

Types of tasks

Installing and running applications. A small fee is offered for one such action. But depending on the speed of the Internet and the user's desire, many applications can be installed.
Reopening the downloaded program the next day.
Opening applications at regular intervals. The interval can be several days.
Certain actions in the installed application.
Partner orders.

You may also need to rate the application, leave a comment, make a short review, or reach a given level in the game. But such tasks are offered less often than just installation.


Some users spend a lot of time in Advertapp and earn up to 50 thousand rubles. per month. The average earnings are about 1,500 rubles. Installation of Advertapp itself will not require financial investments. When filling out information about yourself, you do not need to enter any confidential information.

There are several alternatives for withdrawing earned funds. Among them:

Mobile operator account.
WebMoney system.
Financial service Mail.ru.
Yandex money.
Payment system Qiwi.

The payout application menu is pretty straightforward. The withdrawal itself is made in several steps. Money comes quickly, especially if a mobile operator account is selected. Additional money can be obtained for attracting referrals.

In general, Advertapp is easy to use, does not take up much space, is functional and allows you to quickly make money. The amount depends on the user's motivation and the availability of free time.

Source: sklad4ina.ru

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