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the virtual reality

Augmented reality AR is a technology that is undergoing incredible growth. Augmented reality is so popular because it causes the WOW effect and a smartphone or tablet that every person has is enough to interact with it.

We offer all our clients what allows us to be a useful, stable and in-demand company, which means vast experience in developing AR applications, the best technical solutions, guaranteed results and ongoing support. Our company has been developing projects with augmented reality since its inception, and in five years we have implemented a huge number of such projects.

We are not only doing extra. reality by order, but we also have our own financially successful projects with AR. Thanks to the accumulated experience, we easily bypass all the pitfalls of development, making the application optimized and convenient for the end user.

Types of augmented reality

There are 3 types of augmented reality:

Marker is a basic type of augmented reality; a marker is required to display content. Markers can be a flat image, a package face, or a 3D object.
Markerless – markers are not required for work, the application scans the environment and, using a set of sensors, cameras and algorithms, positions the object on the plane. ARCore (Google) and ARKit (Apple) are used for markerless augmented reality.
Mixed is a combination of augmented reality and virtual reality.

We create projects with augmented reality of any kind, including non-standard markers, for example, globes, bottles, T-shirts, and more.

Augmented reality application

The use of augmented reality depends on being creative.

We have used AR in many areas: construction, clothing, print materials, exhibitions and demonstrations, heavy industry, product marketing, museums, augmented reality packaging, education and many others.

Development of augmented reality at Digital Oxygen

For 5 years of fruitful work, we have completed more than 40 projects with augmented reality. We carefully approach each project and always offer the best solution, advanced technology and reasonable cost.

In the field of AR, we are developing the following:

augmented reality for Android and iOS mobile devices (Vuforia, ARKit, ARCore);
demo applications with interactive elements for exhibitions and visual demonstrations of your products for remote clients;
AR for kids: augmented reality toys, animated coloring books, books, postcards, etc .;
marketing applications: life-giving packaging (including bulk packaging), promoting repeat purchases, attracting consumers, etc.
in teaching: creating curricula using AR for visualization and attracting attention;
there are many other projects that we will be happy to tell you about.

The scope of augmented reality is huge: heavy industry, construction, entertainment, printed materials, and much more. We will be happy to show you how to apply AR to your business or product. You can order augmented reality from us and get a high-quality result.

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