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additional reality

Specialized web studios are engaged in the creation of augmented reality applications for mobile equipment on iOS, Android. In the process of work, the target audience of the project, the specifics of the technical specifications of the customers are taken into account

The potential for using AR applications is vast, users can conveniently work with 3d models on the display of a smartphone or tablet. The main feature of programs in comparison with conventional applications is their interactivity. The page https://flexreality.pro/ar-razrabotka/ contains information on the development of augmented reality applications in Ukraine.

What is the cost of creating AR apps?

The cost of services for creating AR applications is not fixed. It depends on the characteristics of the TK. The cost of augmented reality applications is added up when technical specialists, programmers take into account the following factors:

the complexity of the technical component of the task,
the number of employees working on the project,
term of work.

Payment options for the services of digital studio specialists are as follows:

hourly payment,
payment upon completion of work on the project.

Examples of uses for augmented reality applications

Below are some of the uses for augmented reality applications:

E-Commerce. It is convenient to place a button next to the goods on sale to view them, try them in augmented reality mode. This takes into account the size of the products being tried on, the scale.
The use of technology in the field of entertainment, video games. The world of characters can delight gamers in three-dimensional mode.
Educational sphere. The use of various animations in the learning process arouses interest in learning from schoolchildren and students. AR elements simplify the way material is fed. There is an opportunity for a visual demonstration of the training material. Example: the phenomena of physics, chemistry.
Application of programs for interactive museums.
Real estate sphere.

Augmented reality applications involve the use of three-dimensional objects in everyday life. This makes it possible to consider objects, phenomena from different angles. Programs allow you to see objects in motion, their practical use. AR applications have the prospect of development in the future, use on popular sites, services on the network. The processes of marketing, promotion of services are successfully combined with similar technologies.

Source: sklad4ina.ru