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Software for your home PC.

When purchasing a new computer, we often wonder what software needs to be installed on it. How to choose from a huge variety. Today we will share with you a list of useful, in our opinion, programs. And, of course, you need to start by installing the operating system. Windows is a familiar and beloved […]

What is SEO website promotion for?

Why does a company need a website at all? A website is a meeting place for your company with potential customers. This is a virtual office of your campaign or store, where you meet your customers, tell them about yourself, offer your products and services. But the site itself, without competent promotion, is of no […]

5G Networks in Russia.

There is a heated debate on the network over the fifth generation of 5G mobile communications. Many consider this network to be a way of mass control. But what exactly is 5G technology? Mobile operators are constantly trying to expand the list of opportunities for their user. Provide useful services, for example, "who called" while […]

How the website is created.

Website creation is something common today. We don’t think about how it happens and how much effort is invested in development. Today, experts from the Krasnodar Art-Web studio will tell us about this – Good day! Tell us how the website creation begins, and what stages it goes through. – Hello! To begin with, […]

How to use Instagram to promote local government?

The presence of government in the social media space is no longer surprising, and the opportunities they provide can work communicative wonders. Social media are places where it is relatively easy to reach and engage any group: locals, customers, tourists, and even entrepreneurs. One of the social networks successfully used for advertising purposes is Instagram. […]

AR Application Development

Augmented reality AR is a technology that is undergoing incredible growth. Augmented reality is so popular because it causes the WOW effect and a smartphone or tablet that every person has is enough to interact with it. We offer all our clients what allows us to be a useful, stable and in-demand company, which means […]