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mixer for kipto

It is easy to find a user who deals with bitcoins on the network by his one single operation. This is usually done for various fraudulent purposes. If you do not protect yourself, do not use special knowledge, you can lose your assets. To prevent this from happening, consider the ether mixer. This is a specialized blockchain mixer. Designed to ensure that the user is not tracked on the network when he performs an operation with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Mixer Description

This is one of the many solutions that have been developed over the past few days. This financial mixer operates by mixing deposits. Operations are taken not from one user, but from several pseudo-anonymous cryptocurrency owners.

As a result of such mixing, after the transaction arrives at the previously specified recipient address, it becomes mathematically encrypted, quite difficult from the point of view of recognition. It does this by mixing the use of specialized operations in cryptographic mathematics.

This approach ideally disguises both the user himself and the open currency transactions performed on the network. Thanks to such an action, no fraudster, no matter what skills and knowledge he possesses, will not be able to understand who carried out this or that operation, what amounts were involved in the movement.

Basic mixing methods

This mixer works in different ways. Here are some of the most effective ones:

reducing transaction through zero knowledge proof;
confusing users and depositing them;
efficient use of smart contracts while maintaining user privacy.

As soon as a person deposits assets into their wallet, they receive a unique secret word. They are sent to the mixer smart contract. After that, the contract adds the received Hash to the list. As soon as the user decides to withdraw his funds, he must provide additional proof, the very secret word. After that, access will be unblocked.

The detailed form of the action indicates a fairly high degree of anonymity. But it can be further enhanced by networks such as Tor, Crowds, Mixmasters, I2P and others. In any case, you should not neglect ensuring your security on the network when performing financial transactions.

Source: sklad4ina.ru

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