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In the XXI century – the century of information technology and large amounts of data, we all create and pass through a huge amount of information in digital form. According to recent studies, the number of these data in the global network increases exponentially. These endless photos, selfies – the desire to look better than it actually is – an impetus for the development of social networks, and a huge number of files that need to be stored somewhere. A huge number of photos are simply not printed so as not to litter the drawers, shelves and not collect dust on them. And it is convenient. Presentations are created in programs right on the phone – this is the most convenient gadget. The phone stores a lot of important information for us. Have you tried to live a day without it? Two?! Or you have a very important meeting, you prepared for it for a month, two, selected every word, every centimeter of text. Comes day x! You come to work and cannot find your files on your smartphone!

Another story – you walked around, made a bunch of interesting photos, put something on social networks, put something in another case and forgot about it. They remembered about it in half a year, and their trace was gone. Is it because the system update came? Or did the child accidentally delete them when playing on your phone? What now? How to recover deleted files from your phone? A special program will help you, follow the link. The program works with any files and does not require passwords. The age of technology does not stand still and we are also developing along with it. Search for your photos, files and enjoy them in the winter, or any other beautiful evening.

How was it before? Grandma or Mom got the album, leafing page by page telling stories related to the photo. Much time has passed, and the memories still warm the soul and you can laugh heartily at the events that were in the process of creation.

Now you can go further, you can collect any photos, use the program for mounting videos and create a film. Turn it on on TV and watch the whole movie about yourself and your family.