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China before Russia acquired a supersonic drone

A supersonic reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) WZ-8 is in service with the 30th Air Regiment of the Air Forces of the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA), based near Nanjing (the capital of the eastern province of Jiangsu), writes Jane's 360.

The British publication drew attention to the pictures of two UAVs, demonstrated at the rehearsal of the parade on October 1 in Beijing (China), dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the republic. On drones, numbers 21311 and 21312 were visible, indicating the military identity of the drones.

According to Jane's 360, such a five-digit numbering (21x1x format) means that the WZ-8 carriers are strategic bombers of the H-6M Eastern Military District, which is responsible, in particular, for opposing Taiwan and Japan. The publication notes that at the parade the UAV numbering was removed or hidden.

Earlier in October, Sina wrote that the Chinese hypersonic missile DF-17 is one step ahead of similar weapons from the United States and Russia.

Externally, the WZ-8 resembles the D-21B UAV launched from the American strategic bomber B-52H, which the United States lost over China in March 1971. The WZ-8 instance presented at the parade, like the D-21B, received attachment points in the upper part of the fuselage and was deprived of air intakes.

Currently, Russia is not armed with WZ-8 analogues, according to open sources.


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