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China has denied Russia's superiority in hypersonic technology

Chinese hypersonic missile DF-17 is one step ahead of similar weapons in the US and Russia, according to an article by Sina.

The author calls the weapon "China's first medium-range ballistic missile with a hypersonic glider." It is noted that, in addition to high-speed characteristics, the DF-17 has “unprecedented maneuverability”, which complicates its interception by missile defense systems.

The article, citing foreign and local press, says that the range of the DF-17 is 1800-2500 kilometers, and the separation of the hypersonic glider from the rocket accelerator occurs at an altitude of 60 kilometers. After that, "in real time," it is possible to adjust the trajectory of the warhead, thereby turning any anti-missile aimed at it into "iron scrap."

On October 1, the DF-17 was shown at a parade on Tiananmen Square in Beijing and dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC.

Structurally, the DF-17 represents the DF-16B ballistic missile accelerator with the DF-ZF hypersonic guided warhead (formerly known as WU-14). The speed developed by such equipment is 5-10 Mach numbers. The first joint flight tests of the rocket and the hypersonic block took place in November 2017.


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