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Crew Dragon flying to the ISS exploded

During the fire tests of the engines of the piloted ship Crew Dragon an explosion occurred, according to ArsTechnica.

An emergency situation occurred on April 20 at Cape Canaveral in Florida (USA) during testing of an aircraft emergency rescue system.

The American edition notes that a manned spacecraft that previously flew to the International Space Station (ISS) exploded, and the causes of the incident are unknown. Probably, the incident could be provoked by a human error or an error in the design of the SuperDraco engine.

In ArsTechnica suggest that the incident will lead to a delay in launching a manned ship with a crew.

Earlier, the first launch of Crew Dragon with the crew, according to a source from RIA Novosti, was planned for November.

The first test flight of a manned spacecraft (without crew) took place on March 2.

On September 16, 2014, SpaceX and Boeing were named the winners of the CCtCap (Commercial Crew Transportation Capability) program, which envisions the creation of US manned spacecraft for flights to near-Earth orbit. The SpaceX Crew Dragon project received 2.6 billion dollars, Boeing Starliner – 4.2 billion.

NASA’s last manned space flight took place in July 2011. After the closure of the American Space Shuttle program, delivery of people to the ISS was carried out exclusively by the Soviet-Russian one-time three-seat ships Soyuz TMA, Soyuz TMA-M and Soyuz MS.


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