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Employees of "Roscosmos" denied Rogozin's words about his dismissal

The team that worked on the new manned ship “Federation” left the rocket-space corporation Energia of its own accord. Testing cosmonaut Mark Serov told the Moscow Komsomol about this.

According to him, the publication on Twitter of the head of "Roscosmos" Dmitry Rogozin about "careless comrades" is not related to his team. He explained that a group of ten people, including former leading designers Igor Radugin and Nikolai Bryukhanov, left the company of their own accord, with some employees leaving at the end of 2018.

“They left in the end, not quarreling with the parent company. On the contrary, we remained in very good relations, having agreed on cooperation, ”admitted Serov. He stressed that the reason for the decision was the divergence of expectations and the real situation.

At present, the former employees of Energia are working in the company S7 Space, which is engaged in launching space rockets and launching space objects into orbit.

Serov added that his team is planning to put a joke on the door of his office a sign that “careless” engineers who were dismissed by Rogozin work here. ” He also urged to note that "Energy" was abandoned by "the most active designers, designers and employees of the test department."

On April 2, Rogozin announced the dismissal of “careless” employees of the Energia rocket and space corporation, who worked on the Federation. He stressed that the work on the project was not organized "properly."

The piloted Federation ship, which will replace the Soyuz and Progress, has been developed by the Energia rocket and space corporation since 2009 to deliver astronauts and cargo to near-earth orbit and to the Moon.