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F-35 pretend to be “aggressive” J-20 and Su-57

The first American fighters of the fifth generation F-35A Lightning II pretend to be Chinese J-20 and Russian Su-57 combat aircraft. It is reported by Military.com.

The publication notes that instead of upgrading 11 units of the F-35A Lightning II, upgrading each of which to the Block 4 version would require $ 15 million, the United States Air Force decided to use outdated fighters as flight simulators of probable opponents.

Outdated F-35A Lightning II will receive the 65th "aggressors" squadron, located at Nellis airbase in Nevada.

In May, an American fourth-generation F-16C Fighting Falcon fighter was repainted in pixel color at the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 at the Nellis airbase.

In April, it became known that about a third of the period from May to November 2018, the F-35 Lightning II fighters were in non-flying condition due to the lack of spare parts.

In the same month, it was reported that the F-35A Lightning II and F-22 Raptor fifth generation fighter software could have been hacked during the upgrade.