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F-35A maneuvers showed from cockpit

US Air Force pilot Andrew Olson shot a panoramic video of maneuvers from the cockpit of his fifth-generation F-35A Lightning II fighter, reports The Aviationist. The corresponding video is available on Facebook.

The publication notes that the demonstration flight of the F-35A Lightning II over Miami Beach (Florida) was held on May 26 as part of the Hyundai Air & Sea Show.

On May 28, two F-35 Lightning II 56th Fighter Wings of the United States Air Force during a training flight over Luke Air Base in Arizona left a penis-like trail in the sky.

In January, the F-35A Lightning II at Luke Air Base showed aerobatics.

In November 2018, the Spanish Airbus A400M military transport aircraft drew a “penis in a box” image in the skies over the Gulf of Cadiz (from the comic song Dick in a Box (Penis in a Box) by the popular American comic trio The Lonely Island).


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