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F-35B refueling over the Atlantic hit the video

The F-35B Lightning II’s fifth-generation fighter take-off and vertical landing aerial refueling with the A330 MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport) over the Atlantic Ocean was captured on video. The corresponding video on Twitter published by the 207th squadron of the Royal Air Force (UK) of Great Britain.

According to The Aviationist, the transatlantic flight of six F-35B Lightning II from the Beaufort (South Carolina) US Marine Corps (ILC) base to the Markham base (East of England) of the Royal Air Force, accompanied by two A330 MRTTs, took about 14 hours, during which each fighter (in case of unforeseen situations) was refueled eight times.

In October 2018, the Queen Elizabeth F-35B Lightning II on the Royal Royal Navy (Navy) aircraft carrier of the United Kingdom successfully successfully made a vertical landing with mileage.

The F-35 Lightning II family of stealth fifth-generation multi-functional fighters has been developed and manufactured since 2001 by the American corporation Lockheed Martin. The fighter is available in three versions: A (for the air force), B (with a short take-off and a vertical landing) and C (deck).


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