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In the age of information technology, the use, storage and transmission of data becomes very important. Many firms resort to buying a server. But the purchase itself and further service, the staff do not cost little money. Only a large company can afford this luxury. For the rest, there is a great solution, use cloud storage. In recent years, even large companies have found it beneficial to store data on third-party servers. the latter have several advantages. Safe storage of data, timely and quick access to information, significant cost reduction. According to experts in the field, only 50% of organizations back up data regularly. Some companies prefer to store information on hard drives. This is insecure due to the potential for various errors.

Various accidents, equipment malfunctions make data storage not very reliable. Backing up information to the cloud is the best way out in this case. This storage method is due to the rapid increase in the speed of telecommunication networks. In order to view information about OnCloud S3 cloud storage, follow the link.

Benefits of backing up information to the cloud

Copying company data to cloud services has several benefits. Among them are the following positive factors:

Backing up data allows customers to provide access to an updated version of information.

It is possible to perform both remote copying of computer files to the cloud, and transfer of the current operating mode of the OS, applications and operating system software.

The user has the opportunity to select individual files, folders, disks for transferring data to the cloud.

A firm does not need to hire separate specialists to perform backups. An ordinary user can cope with such a task.

There is a possibility of simultaneous storage of information both in the cloud service and on hard drives.

The cost of backing up data in the cloud is less than storing it on multiple servers.

Test period for using the cloud

Cloud storage services in some cases can provide users with the opportunity to use the services free of charge for 30 days. Users can get acquainted with the main functions of the services, their interface. The free period can be provided to both individuals and legal entities. At the same time, customer information will be protected from viruses, access to data from fraudsters and third parties. Cloud services allow different employees to work with the software within the same organization. This has a positive effect on work efficiency.

Cloud storage offers great promise for organizations today. Backing up information makes it possible to avoid data loss. Services can work with a wide variety of applicable formats. Remote Cloud Copy allows you to work with files on PCs, laptops, mobile phones and other types of devices. Organizations can choose the desired tariff for transferring information, depending on the required number of files.

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