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For the Far East, there were suitable tanks

40 modernized battle tanks T-80BVM first entered service with the brigade in the Far East. About this newspaper Izvestia.

Previously, "eighties" were only in the European part of the country. Before modernization, the T-80s were stored at the bases as a strategic reserve.

The choice fell on the T-80 machines due to the climate – in the Far East, clean air and the absence of high mountains, which allows the gas-turbine engine of this tank to unfold.

Another advantage is a good start of the power plant of this type at low temperatures. When the air temperature is below minus 40 degrees Celsius, the operational readiness of the machines is achieved in a matter of minutes, while it takes about 40 minutes to warm up the diesel engine in the cold.

In June 2018, it was reported that T-80BVM tanks began to receive the Arctic units of the Armed Forces of Russia. The cars that have been upgraded are not inferior in their fighting qualities to the T-90.

The T-80 was put into service in the mid-1970s. At that time, he was recognized as the best tank in the world. All were released more than 10 thousand "eighty." 200 T-80U tanks are still in service with the regiments of the Kantemirovskaya division in the Moscow region.

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