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For the first time, the Su-57 and the Hunter flew together

The fifth-generation fighter Su-57 and the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) "Hunter" first flew together. The corresponding video of the Ministry of Defense published on YouTube.

In the video’s caption, the military department noted that during the flight the interaction between the UAV and the leader aircraft “to expand the fighter’s radar field and target designation for the use of long-range aviation weapons without entering the Su-57 into the conditional anti-aircraft defense (air defense) zone was worked out ".

The joint flight lasted more than half an hour "at one of the test airfields of the Ministry of Defense." The military department did not disclose a specific place and date of the flight.

In September, Izvestia wrote that the Hunters could become a complete replacement for combat aircraft.

In August, at the International Aviation and Space Salon 2019 (MAKS-2019), Sukhoi introduced the Hunter model, which differs from the flight test being tested by the presence of a flat nozzle.

In the same month, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that the Hunter trials will take place in the next two to three years, and after 2024 the UAV will go into production.

On August 3, it became known about the first flight of this UAV.

In January, a TASS source reported that the Okhotnik system of the Russian heavy strike UAV was tested on the Su-57.

In July 2018, this drone was named part of the artificial intelligence (AI) prototype of the sixth generation fighter.


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