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Website creation is something common today. We don’t think about how it happens and how much effort is invested in development. Today, experts from the Krasnodar Art-Web studio will tell us about this https://krasnodar.art-web.ru/index.php?id=sozdanie_sajta.

– Good day! Tell us how the website creation begins, and what stages it goes through.

– Hello! To begin with, all the work associated with creating a website can be conditionally divided into 3 stages:
Stage 1 is planning
2nd stage – design creation
3rd stage – programming the components and filling the site.

The first stage begins with the creation of the idea itself. We discuss with the customer what the site will be about, listen to his wishes and preferences. We collect all the necessary text and graphic materials.

The next step is to develop the correct site structure. Here it is decided which sections the site will contain and how navigation will be carried out.

After working out the structure, we proceed to create the layout. The layout is a schematic sketch of a website page. In order to visualize the picture and understand where which element will be located. The main elements of the site are: Top and bottom footers, logo and title, site menu and content. After that, you can proceed to the second stage.

The second stage begins with the selection of colors. Marketing has its own rules of color matching depending on the industry in which the customer works. For example, medicine is associated with shades of green and blue, food with reds, greens and yellows, and agriculture with reds, blues and browns. It often happens that a company already has its own color scheme, which is taken as a basis. Next, the development of design elements (buttons, banners, etc.) begins.

The third is the final stage. Now let's move on to programming all the page elements (the so-called site layout). Layout also takes place in stages. First, the HTML structure is created, then the CSS styles are written, and the JS scripts are written last. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are programming languages. HTML – creates the main body of the site, CSS allows you to change the font, size and color of the block or text, insert a picture, etc. JavaScript – fills the site with functionality. Further, the site is filled with the necessary content.
This completes the site creation process, the site is brought to the working hosting and published.

Source: sklad4ina.ru

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