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Some hosting companies have been on the market for a long time and invest huge amounts of money in advertising. Their server quality is good, but not always in comparison with the offered price. The person ordering the server does not initially know that this price is several times lower than the price he will pay for a year when renewing. And once a year has passed, few people benefit from transferring all pages, email accounts to a new server and the person prefers to overpay. If you visit the site right now, you will be able to take advantage of the most favorable terms in terms of renting cloud infrastructure for business.

Good hosting

Many hosting companies have information in their offer that transmission and bandwidth are unlimited. Many potential customers looking for a server are convinced by such information, and this is the determining factor of the purchase. Unfortunately, this is just a very clever marketing gimmick that exploits the potential customers' lack of technical knowledge.

First, most often the rules state that the capacity is not at all unlimited, but limited to 200 or 300 GB. Secondly, the consumption of these parameters is usually very low and unlimited does not bring any benefit.
The exception is when you use email very actively and heavily. Or there are many mail accounts, and several people use them. Then a very large capacity can be useful. However, it usually takes a long time before a large capacity is required.

About 95% of people who host their website don't even use 10% of the distribution they pay for. The average website owner who owns 1-3 corporate pages on their hosting uses an average of about 400-600 MB of storage capacity for websites (with larger projects up to several GB) and about 5 GB for mail.

What to look for

Hosting companies trump themselves with unlimited transfers and bandwidth, but most of the proposals don't have a word about RAM or CPU allocation. More than once, customers have received warnings from hosting companies that their site consumes too much RAM and the site simply stops working from overload. And how to deal with such a situation? You should choose your hosting wisely.

Security is a necessary protection for any registered and supported domain, and security concerns in such situations should not be ignored. Moreover, he does not pay for it.

Source: sklad4ina.ru

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