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Do you want to take your business to the next level and receive additional orders via the Internet, or just tell the world about yourself and share useful information?

Then it's time to create your own website! Today, WordPress is the most popular platform for creating and managing sites, and here's why:
-the engine or content management system (hereinafter CMS) WordPress is free and can be used for any sites,
– it has great potential for creating and customizing the appearance and functionality of the site,
– The principles of working with CMS WordPress are very simple, you do not need to study instructions for hours, and you can create your website in just half an hour.

Let `s start?

If you decide to create your own site for your own pleasure, or this is your hobby, then your decision on choosing a hosting should be inclined towards free hosting. If your site should bring money, your decision should be in favor of paid hosting. Next, you need to select and register the domain name of your site, you will also do this with your hosting provider. From personal experience I’ll say that it should be short, simple and memorable, and of course it should intersect with the name of your site. Try to keep your name as a first-level domain, for example, sklad4ina.ru, and not texnomaniya.maylove.ru. Also a factor affecting the trust of your visitors is the domain zone. Choose a zone such as .com, .ru, .ua, .net, etc.

The next step in creating the site will be installing WordPress. Then you have two ways, you can choose a tariff plan from your hosting provider, which already includes the engine preset (CMS). And we recommend that you do just that, because you will not need to bother once again and you will save your time. Second, it will take you a lot of time, you will need to understand everything for a long time. In addition, as we said above, extra characters in the domain name of your site scare the audience away. That is why we will not consider it.

The third and far from the last step in creating a site is choosing a template or theme. This is a very important stage, since the appearance and functionality of your site depends on this. You can choose a free theme from the catalog or purchase and install themes tested and approved by WooCommerce experts. Why are paid topics good? They give visitors an interesting design and advanced functionality. In order to set a theme, you need to go to the admin column and select Appearance, then Themes and click the Add new button. Next, select a theme suitable for your site and click View, if you are satisfied with Install and Activate.

Now go to the CMS setup, for this in the administration column select Settings, and then fill in the necessary columns. In the General column, enter the name of the site and a short description, in the columns Website address and WordPress address specify the URL of the site. Next we set the time, date and language. It will be useful for you if you enter http://rpc.pingomatic.com/ into the Update Services, this is a service that monitors updates and will notify search engines of your new publications. Then we save all the settings and go on.

In the Settings section, Reading, we note what will be displayed on your main page and in what quantity. The settings in this section depend on the form and theme of your site.
Now go to the theme settings, go to the Appearance and Customize section, here you can customize the sections for yourself. Create a menu and upload the logo and description of the site. Next, click Publish.

Source: sklad4ina.ru

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