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Satellite Internet

In recent years, many residents of large metropolitan areas have moved out of the city, where the pace of life is calmer, more space and incredibly beautiful nature. In this regard, there is a need to create Internet networks where coverage is completely absent. Thanks to special equipment, the creation of high-speed and high-efficiency broadband data transmission access for corporate networks has become commonplace.

The main equipment for creating satellite Internet is a satellite modem and a special antenna equipped with a transceiver, an amplifier and cables. A satellite modem is both an Internet access point and a signal converter. It is he who transforms the user's request and transmits it to the antenna transceiver. Then the radio signal is converted into satellite and transmitted to the satellite. The return signal from the satellite follows the same path, but in reverse order.

Due to the rapid development of satellite communication networks, a huge variety of equipment has appeared on the market, especially satellite modems. The choice of the latter should be approached with special responsibility, since the quality and speed of the Internet depends on it. The main technical indicators that you should pay attention to when choosing a satellite modem: operating frequency range, frequency step, data delivery rate, coding type.

One of the market leaders is the iDirect Evolution X3 satellite modem router, which is used to create corporate networks. This model works in the dvb-s2 standard, which allows you to create broadband Internet access at high speeds. Thanks to the Ethernet interface, this model can be easily integrated into any terrestrial network. Another distinctive feature of the iDirect Evolution X3 satellite modem router is the integrated software package. This allows you to quickly set up equipment and constantly monitor the operation of satellite networks.

The iDirect Evolution X3 satellite modem router allows you to quickly and easily collect and transmit information and signals. A wide range of protocols allow the owner to create a flexible and easily embedded corporate network.

Source: sklad4ina.ru