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business card site

To begin with, let's understand what a business card site is? This is a site consisting of one or several pages that tells about its owner (company or individual), about the services that it provides or the product that sells, its contact details. Basically, a business card site is created in order to introduce a potential customer to the product or to the necessary specialist.

Turning to the IT company https://cosmoweb.kz/astana/28-sozdanie-saytov-html to create a business card website for you, first of all you must be able to set tasks correctly and correctly explain what you want to see in the end. In order for the site to really work, and you receive orders, it can be evaluated according to several criteria, and we will now consider them.

You just need to put yourself in the role of the customer (buyer), the site is a dialogue with the client.

1. The site should have a headline that clearly defines what you sell or what services you provide. Also, the title should include your phone number).
2. Next is the subtitle. In it you describe how your offer differs from competitors, why the client should choose you.
3. Must be painted in the form of a bullet list, a description of the goods or all the services that the client receives.
4. On the site should be indicated the price of the goods or services (the ability to download the price list).
5. As often as possible there should be a button with the ability to leave a request or place an order.
6. It is also necessary to add the ability to order a call back to the site.
7. You can record a video review of a product or a video where you talk about yourself. It works on the image of your company and increases customer confidence in you.
8. Be sure to add reviews of satisfied customers.
9. Clearly and clearly describe the terms of payment.

Thanks to this site, you can increase your audience and the number of orders at times. But just creating a website is not enough to get to know about it, it is worth fooling around on advertising. Promoting the site in the search is long enough and the result will have to wait about two months. The fastest and most effective way is advertising YAN.

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