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In India, they were afraid of Russia because of the C-400

India, despite US pressure, will buy Russian C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM), otherwise “the Russians will be annoyed,” and Delhi’s refusal of the deal with Moscow will cause “serious consequences,” writes The Print.

“Remember that this is not only about Russian fighters and the air defense system (air defense). In many areas, such as the nuclear sector, Russians are our only source. They play an important role in the program of nuclear submarines. It will also affect the oil business and relations in other areas, ”said the source of the publication.

In June, in the infographics of RIA Novosti on Russian weapons, it was noted that the S-400 air defense system is capable of striking nine types of targets, seven of which are American.

In May, moneycontrol.com reported that India is acquiring Russian C-400 systems due to the fact that China has a similar weapon.

The contract between Russia and India, concluded in October 2018 for a total amount of 5.43 billion dollars, provides for the supply of five C-400 regiments. Earlier, Moscow concluded agreements on the supply of such air defense missiles with China and Turkey.


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