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In Russia, found the "terrible weapon of tomorrow"

The combat laser is considered to be the scary weapon of tomorrow, Alexander Mikhailov, head of the Bureau of Military-Political Analysis, told Zvezda.

“It is quite possible that in 10-15 years laser weapons may acquire the status of some kind of deterrent that a nuclear weapon has. And those states that will have it in their armed forces will, of course, have more military and geopolitical advantages, as a result, over their, so to speak, foreign partners, ”said the expert.

According to him, a combat laser can destroy satellites in near-earth orbit, disable spacecraft electronics and act as a striking factor in aerial combat. Mikhailov described Russia and the United States as well as, perhaps, China, as world leaders in the development of such weapons.

“So far, only Russia has reported about the official entry into the troops of a laser military device. The Americans only declare the end of the tests, which will end in about a year or two or two years, ”the expert believes.

On April 23, at the White Sands range in the state of New Mexico, the USAF used a ground-based prototype of a laser machine to destroy air-launched missiles.

In December 2018, the official newspaper of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper wrote that the Peresvet ground-based laser complexes had started the test-combat duty in the country.