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In Russia, offered to “drop” a warhead on a US aircraft carrier

The Chinese medium-range missile DF-21D is capable of tearing down American frigates, coastal ships, cruisers and aircraft carriers from the surface of the oceans in a matter of minutes, writes Zvezda.

In the case of equipping a missile with a nuclear warhead, the weekly continues, even “you don’t have to hit the target exactly” – just drop the warhead within the limits of the calculated destruction zone. “As ironic rocket launchers say in their own way, we don’t need your house number – just the name of the city. In our case, a square on the sea map will be enough, ”assures the publication.

The deployment of the DF-21D in coastal regions will allow China to completely close the issue of protecting the country from enemy attacks using aircraft carrier and ship strike groups. “Well, in this case, the decision can only be made by an absolutely inadequate enemy,” the Zvezda notes.

In February 2018, it became known about the tests conducted by China DF-21G, which is an upgrade of the two-stage solid-fuel medium-range ballistic missile DF-21D.

DF-21D is considered the first and only anti-ship ballistic missile in the world. The range of a missile capable of carrying conventional and nuclear (up to 300 kilotons) warheads is estimated at 2.7 thousand kilometers. Target designation is carried out by means of radar and optoelectronic equipment of Yaogan satellites.


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