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In the United States called the deadliest tanks in Russia

The National Interest publication has published a list of the best and “most dangerous” Russian tanks. It included both modern vehicles and armored vehicles from the USSR.

The list opens with the Soviet T-34 tank, which excelled its predecessor in everything. The front of the hull had a strong slope and armor thickness of 45-47 mm, which reduced the effectiveness of German Pak 36 guns. However, poor production quality reflected on the machine's efficiency: different types of steel were used in the factories, which were often either too soft or too brittle. Also, the track often broke in the tank, and inside it was very crowded, because of which the crew suffered.

The American edition also notes the family of Soviet medium tanks T-54 and T-55, created on the basis of the first. The T-54 corrected most of the problems of the T-34, in particular, increased the thickness of the armor and replaced the 85 mm gun. It is easy to operate and maintain, so it is still used in countries in the Middle East, throughout Asia and in many African countries: “This makes it perhaps one of the most used tanks ever produced”

Next in the list of the best Russian tanks is the T-90, which was created to replace the T-64, T-72 and T-80. The publication indicates that the tank looks like a Frankenstein monster, as it is assembled from a modernized T-72 hull and a turret with a gun from the T-80. At the same time, the T-90 is the most massive tank of the third generation of the Russian army.

The project of the promising fourth-generation battle tank T-95 The National Interest calls "perhaps the most deadly Russian tank." Many of his developments formed the basis of the T-14 Armata, which completes the list of the best Russian military vehicles.