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In the United States remembered the weapons of the USSR capable of conquering the world

The Soviet VA-111 Flurry complex with a high-speed underwater missile (torpedo missile) M-5 “is about to conquer the world,” recalls The National Interest.

“Imagine a suddenly invented weapon that can move six times faster than its predecessors. The shock of such a breakthrough system would turn the entire field of operations upside down, as potential opponents would try their best to find resistance to new weapons against which they are defenseless, ”writes the American magazine.

The publication recalls that the VA-111 Shkval, the development of which began in the 1960s, became known in the mid-1990s, and the main feature of the M-5 is a speed of 300 kilometers per hour developed underwater, which is ensured by the use of solid propellant jet engine and the creation of a cavitation cavity (steam bubble) around a rocket moving under water.

The disadvantage of the M-5 publication was high noise, which allows a potential enemy to almost instantly detect a torpedo, low maneuverability and the inability to use traditional guidance systems. The National Interest recalls that Iran and Germany have similar weapons.

In February, a TASS source said that the depth of the Poseidon’s nuclear submarine drone will exceed one kilometer, and new technical solutions will provide it with a maximum speed of up to 200 kilometers per hour.

In November 2017, academician Shamil Aliyev said that after modernization, the world's fastest torpedo of the VA-111 Shkval complex will remain uncontrollable, but its maximum speed will increase.


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