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In the United States, selected buyers of the Su-57

Potential buyers of the promising fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 may be Myanmar, Algeria, Turkey, China and India, writes The National Interest.

According to the American publication, the plane could be useful to Naypyidaw to fight the rebels. The potential purchase of a fighter by Algeria can be explained by the country's interest in Russian weapons. Acquisition of Ankara aircraft – US sanctions.

The magazine claims that a Beijing fighter could be bought for training and access to some technologies. A possible acquisition of a Delhi aircraft is explained by the desire to create its own fifth-generation fighter.

In July, Chief Air Marshal of India's Air Force Birender Singh Dhanoa said the country would consider acquiring the Su-57 after it was put into service with the Russian Armed Forces.

Currently, Russia has not concluded a single contract for the foreign supply of Su-57.


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