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In the US, equalized the S-400 and Patriot

Russian anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) S-400 "Triumph", like the American MIM-104 Patriot, is not able to cope with an attack that resembles the one that in September was carried out at the Saudi Aramco facilities in Saudi Arabia. This was written in Defense News by the former Deputy Assistant to the Head of the Pentagon for National Defense, a visiting employee of the Heritage Foundation's analytical center Stephen Bucci.

“The C-400 also (like the MIM-104 Patriot) is not designed to hit low-flying targets,” the specialist noted. According to him, the US-made MIM-104 Patriot missile defense system (ABM) "is designed to stop high-flying jet aircraft and large ballistic missiles, while drones and short-range cruise missiles fly too low to be effectively detected" such a complex.

According to the expert, "only diverse, multi-level and integrated air defense and missile defense systems (air defense and missile defense) can deal with all types of attacks."

In September, the former head of the Israeli Missile Defense Organization, Uzi Rubin, said that to destroy low-flying missiles and drones, the Russian Pantsir-C1 anti-aircraft missile and cannon system (ZRPK) is suitable.

In the same month, a Russian Ministry of Defense source said that American-made air defense systems, in particular, MIM-104 Patriot, could not repel an attack by drones in Saudi Arabia due to a mismatch with the declared characteristics.

Thus, commentators reacted to the attack carried out on the morning of September 14 by 18 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and 7 cruise missiles at Saudi Aramco's facilities in Saudi Arabia.


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