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India "ate" expensive Su-30MKI

The Indian company Hindustan Aeronautics will curtail licensed production of Russian fourth-generation fighter Su-30MKIs in March 2020 if it does not receive new orders for such aircraft, sources told Defense News.

A similar decision, the newspaper notes, will lead to the cessation of the work of approximately 400 local suppliers producing about six thousand components with a total value of $ 12.5 million for each Su-30MKI.

The reason for the cessation of aircraft production is the high price of the Su-30MKI assembled in India, equal to $ 70.3 million, while the purchase of one such aircraft directly from Russia costs $ 42.15 million.

The American publication, referring to one of the interlocutors, notes that the company sent an official request to the Indian government to produce an additional batch of 72 Su-30MKI units for a total of about $ 5 billion, but has still not received an answer. Another source said that the authorities can order the release of only 18 of these fighters, which would replace the aircraft lost during the past 20 years during the accident.

In February, the Su-30MKI during the Vayu Shakti 2019 exercises held at the Pokhran training ground in the state of Rajasthan (India), showed a Griffin Laser Guided Bomb (LGB) laser-guided bomb drop.

Each year, Hindustan Aeronautics collects 12 units of Su-30MKI. By March 2020, the company should release the 272nd such aircraft. Approximately 51 percent of the Su-30MKI components of the Hindustan Aeronautics assembly are supplied by local companies, while the remaining 49 percent come from Russia.


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