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India will send the MiG-27 in the "last path"

In December, the third-generation supersonic fighter-bombers remaining with the Indian military with the MiG-27 variable sweep wing will leave for the “last path,” India Today writes.

The publication reports that the aircraft that played a key role in the Kargil war will last fly into the air in Jodhpur (India), where the last squadron possessing such fighters is currently stationed.

India Today recalls, “In the last decade, the MiG-27 has had several incidents involving a plane crash.”

In November 2018, the former governor of the Indian states of Meghalaya, Manipur and Uttarakhand and the former police commissioner Delhi Krishen Kant Paul published in The Statesman a column in which he stated that the Indian Air Force is leading in the number of peacetime accidents involving military aircraft, and most often, incidents occur with Soviet-Russian MiG aircraft.

India has been operating the MiG-27 since 1981. Under a Soviet license, the country organized its own production of such aircraft. In total, India had more than 200 MiG-27 units. The main problems in the operation of aircraft observed in the last decade were associated with the propulsion system of a fighter.

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