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Japan recognized the futility of US missile defense systems against Russian missiles

Former head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry, Seiji Maehara, during parliamentary hearings last Friday, October 11, declared the impossibility of intercepting the RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) US-designed missiles of the Russian Iskander complex ( 9K720), reports TASS.

According to the agency, Maehara interrupted the speech of the head of the Ministry of Defense Taro Kono with the question of whether the SM-3 and MIM-104F (PAC-3) missiles, which are part of the national missile defense system (ABM), are capable of intercepting Iskander missiles. Kono, referring to the impossibility of "disclosing the technical features of the missile defense systems" of the country, declined to answer, after which Maehara said that "SM-3 will not cope with them (Russian missiles)."

After that, the former foreign minister noted that the Aegis and Aegis Ashore systems using SM-3 missiles are also not capable of counteracting the Iskander.

In September, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford, commenting on the attack by drones and cruise missiles at Saudi Aramco’s facilities in Saudi Arabia, said that no single missile and anti-aircraft defense system could repel such an attack.


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