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Landing F-35B on the "Queen Elizabeth" showed the eyes of the pilot

The fifth-generation fighter take-off and vertical landing of F-35B Lightning II fighter aircraft landing on the Royal Navy carrier Queen Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth) was shown through the eyes of a pilot using the Helmet-Mounted Display (HMD). On the video on Twitter drew the attention of The Drive.

The publication notes that the presented video can be compared with the recording of a simulator designed to train pilots F-35B Lightning II.

In October 2018, the F-35B Lightning II for the first time successfully completed a vertical landing with mileage on Queen Elizabeth.

In September of the same year, two F-35B Lightning II fighter corps of the United States Marine Corps (ILC), controlled by British pilots, first landed on the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, located off the east coast of North America.

By order of the British Royal Navy, Lockheed Martin equipped the F-35B Lightning II with a vertical landing system with mileage SRVL (Shipborne rolling vertical landing), which allows you to carry more weapons and fuel without the need to lighten the weight of the aircraft during landing (up to about 1.8 tons). Similar capabilities were received by the Soviet attack aircraft Yak-38, the British Harrier fighter and the American V-22 Osprey convertiplane.


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