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Speeding up the computer

In order to overclock your computer, there are many programs. Today I will tell you about the easiest and fastest way to increase the performance of your personal computer by 10-20%.

One of the most useful programs is CPU-Z. This program does not accelerate the computer, but it is necessarily involved in the acceleration process. This program will determine the characteristics of your computer. It helps to control the performance of the device during overclocking, which is why it is very important. You can download this program, as well as familiarize yourself with its capabilities at https://rocketcrypto.info/cpu-z-download/. Here everything is detailed and very well laid out. This program is free and is presented in the Russian version.

CPU-Z program

The second BrazosTweaker program, it is she who will overclock your computer. In fact, this program is designed to increase the laptop’s runtime without recharging. But in addition to this, this program can be used to disperse a personal computer. With BrazosTweaker, you can not only lower, but also increase the processor voltage and the frequency of its cores. Thanks to what the general productivity of the device increases.


Before starting the process of overclocking your PC, install and run the CPU-Z program on it. Now you can see and evaluate the initial indicators of your computer. Next, launch the BrazosTweaker program. We find the line “Mult = 32 divided by” and in the window we lower the value to unity.

After that, you can observe in the CPU-Z program how the performance indicators of your computer begin to grow (see the “Core speed” line). That's all! Now you can notice that when using your computer stopped braking and became faster.

In the end, I want to warn that any equipment has an additional margin of safety, but is not designed for continuous operation in maximum mode. Therefore, I do not recommend using PC overclocking in continuous mode; use it as necessary. Continuous use of your computer in maximum mode can damage your computer.

Source: sklad4ina.ru

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