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"MiG" will begin to create a heavy "downhill"

Development and development work on the creation of a heavy reconnaissance and strike aircraft unmanned vehicle "Skat" will begin after the coordination of the tactical and technical tasks (TTZ) for it, told Ilya Tarasenko, general director of the MiG aircraft-building corporation.

“We see a market for this drone. The niche in which it will be located is not closed in Russia now. We hope this year to complete the approval of the TTZ on it with our customer. After that we will proceed to the development work, ”said the manager.

Tarasenko also said that the research work on the PAK DP (a promising long-range aviation interceptor complex), which will eventually be replaced by the MiG-31 interceptor fighter, should "be completed by the end of the year with an approved image." "A promising aircraft will use new types of aviation weapons, it will be created with the use of low-visibility technologies, it will be able to transport the necessary amount of weapons, it will act on a very large interception radius," the MiG general director recalled.

In September 2018, the reported that MiG resumed work on the Scat, in whose design it is planned to use stealth technology.

Development of the UAV "Skat", according to data from open sources, began in 2005. The model of the drone was demonstrated in August 2007 at the MAKS air show. In 2012, work on the device was suspended due to lack of interest from the military.

The previously presented “Ramp” mockup is made using the “flying wing” aerodynamic design. The claimed maximum take-off weight of the device is 10 tons, the speed is 850 kilometers per hour, the flight range is four thousand kilometers. The UAV will carry weapons in the intracellular compartment.

At present, the heavy pilot S-70 “Hunter” is also being created in Russia. The project is working "Sukhoi".


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