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Named the best weapons of the First World

Zvezda weekly ranked the best weapons of the First World War period.

In the first place, the publication put the Mosin rifle, which was adopted by the army of the Russian Empire in 1891. In the future, this weapon was repeatedly upgraded and supplied abroad, where it was operated for many years: for example, in Belarus, the trilinear was removed from service in December 2005. In modern Russia, some units of private security, according to open data, can still use improved carbines, created on the basis of a rifle of the 1891 model.

In the second position – the American self-loading pistol M1911, adopted by the US Armed Forces in 1911. It was used by the US military until 1985, the government of the United States decided to sell off the remnants of these weapons only in 2017. M1911 has been used in almost all armed conflicts in the world since its inception.

The third place went to the Maxim machine gun, developed in 1883. It was widely used in colonial wars, both world wars and other armed conflicts of the 20th century. This machine gun was one of the pioneers of automatic weapons.

On the fourth – the German rifle Mauser 98 of the sample of 1898. In total, more than 15 million units of these rifles were produced. Mauser 98 was actively used until the end of World War II, it was also used in a number of local conflicts as a sniper weapon.

American magazine rifle Springfield M1903, which was in service with the US military until 1957, closes the rating. It was supplied to Great Britain and France, as well as to Nicaragua, the Republic of Korea and Cuba until 1959 as military aid for the army of Fulgencio Batista.