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NASA has tested the first Martian helicopter

Representatives of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory conducted the first tests of a Mars Helicopter Mars-drone helicopter. This is reported on the official website of the laboratory.

An electric aircraft weighing 1.8 kilograms was in the air for a total of 75 minutes. It is noted that the flight tests were carried out on March 27 in a special pressure chamber, where scientists created conditions close to the Martian ones — a very rarefied atmosphere saturated with carbon dioxide.

Scientists are planning several small test flights before sending the helicopter. He must prove that he can work in Martian conditions, where nighttime temperatures can drop to minus 90 degrees. The scientific tasks that the apparatus will perform are not yet known.

Helicopter developments have been underway since 2013. It is equipped with solar panels for charging and a heating mechanism for the conditions of the cold planet. To Mars to deliver the device is expected in February 2021. If the mission is successful, then the United States will become the first country to launch an aircraft heavier than air on another planet.