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NASA showed Curiosity from Mars

NASA published images of the Mars rover Curiosity from the orbit of Mars. The relevant photos were posted on Twitter.

It is noted that the image, where the rover is visible only in the form of a small dot, is made on clay territory in the Gale Crater. NASA noted that the image was taken on May 31 during the study "Forest Bay".

In June, NASA experts examined the data of the Curiosity rover and found a significant amount of methane in the atmosphere of Mars, which may indirectly indicate the presence of living creatures on the planet.

On March 26, Curiosity found nitrogen compounds necessary for the survival of living organisms inside the Gail crater Gail. Its appearance could be facilitated by the fall of asteroids and the presence of gaseous hydrogen in the atmosphere of the Red Planet.

Currently, the only Curiosity rover is operating on Mars. NASA made a landing on Mars on August 6, 2012 in the vicinity of Gale Crater.