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NATO has assigned the code "Penal" to the Su-57

NATO assigned the promising fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 the official code name Felon (“Criminal”, “Criminal” and similar), Scramble reports on Facebook.

“Technically, Felon is anyone who has been convicted of a serious crime, but you can also use Felon to describe anyone who you think has done something terrible,” the magazine notes.

The publication adds that the previously used Frazor designation was related to the program of the advanced aviation complex of front-line aviation (PAK FA) and T-50 prototypes undergoing tests, and not to serial aircraft.

The magazine recalls that the first such fighter should appear by the end of this year.

In November 2018, journalist Ankit Panda said that the Russian global-range cruise missile "Petrel" received the NATO designation SSC-X-9 Skyfall ("Non-Fall").


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