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New iOS killed renovated iPhone

In iOS 11.3, a function has been detected that allows you to block the screen of the iPhone after repair in an unofficial service center. About this Motherboard told the owner of one of the services.

The general director of the workshop Injured Gadgets Aakshay Kripalani (Aakshay Kripalani) said that after the release of the update, many iPhone 8, which replaced the screen, stopped working. According to him, the company itself has introduced such a restriction in iOS 11.3. Before the update, the phones worked properly. Kripalani noted that more than two thousand customers have already turned to him for compensation: “Customers are outraged, and it seems that Apple is trying to stop the activities of unauthorized service centers”.

It is assumed that the cause of the problem may be the chip installed in the display of the smartphone. Many iPhone parts suppliers are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it. Warning about the possible termination of the display after the repair appeared in the announcement of iOS 11.0.3. In the same message, Apple advises to contact only the official workshops.

A similar problem arose in 2017 with the iPhone 7. However, after a wave of complaints, the corporation released an update that fixes the error. In 2016, thousands of iPhone 6 owners ran into “Error 53,” which was caused by replacing the Home button in an unofficial service. Subsequently, the company also fixed it and apologized to users.


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