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SpaceX lunar ship burns again

The prototype of Starship, known as Starhopper, created by SpaceX, an American company, caught fire during tests at the Boca Chica training ground in Texas (USA). The corresponding video was posted on Twitter by managing editor Chris Bergin. As reported in the publication of the American portal, the Raptor rocket engine allowed the Starhopper […]

US named the main problem of its hypersonic weapons

The main difficulty in creating American hypersonic weapons is the organization of a supply chain of appropriate components, which would facilitate the production of the required number of samples of such equipment, Breaking Defense writes. This statement, according to the American publication, was made by one of the leading experts at Lockheed Martin Eric Sherff. […]

Lunar spaceship SpaceX first "took off"

The prototype of SpaceX, created by SpaceX, known as Starhopper, took off during tests at the Boca Chica test site in Texas (USA). The corresponding video was published on Twitter by the head of the American company Ilon Musk. The businessman noted that the test was successful. According to, the Starship prototype rose to […]

Boeing accused of US space degradation

The American company Boeing deliberately restrained the development of near-Earth orbit refueling technology, currently considered the most promising for deep space exploration, writes ArsTechnica. The publication drew attention to the tweet of physicist George Sowers, who several years ago led a research team at the United Launch Alliance (ULA) consortium, a joint venture between Boeing […]

Roscosmos after SpaceX lowered prices

Roscosmos has reduced the cost of launching one kilogram of payload into Earth orbit by the Soyuz-2 medium rocket by almost half, RIA Novosti reports. “The cost of launching spacecraft in the 3U cubesat format (with sides of 10 by 10 by 30 centimeters) will be 170 thousand dollars. As part of the launch of […]

Signs of a monstrous catastrophe found on Mars

An international team of scientists discovered signs of a giant tsunami that happened on Mars billions of years ago when an asteroid fell. Due to a collision with a celestial body, the Martian crater of Lomonosov arose. This was reported in a press release on Planetologists have discovered geological formations, which in their structure […]

USA got a new battle laser

The US military received a new laser weapon system. In the near future it will be installed on the landing ship-dock of the US Navy "Portland", reports The Drive. The system will be placed on the ship for experimental purposes. The combat laser system developed as part of the SSL-TM program was delivered to the […]