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Su-34 missile attack shown on video

The launching of a missile strike by the multifunctional supersonic fighter-bomber Su-34 of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of Russia at a training exercise in the Kurgan region got on video. The corresponding frames were published by the TV channel "Star". "During the exercise, the pilots, diving from a height of about two thousand meters at […]

Medvedev called "Roskosmos" the worst performer of the Federal Target Program

The government has questions for the implementation by Roscosmos of the federal targeted program (FTP), Interfax reports a statement by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “24 FTPs, most of which, according to the Ministry of Economic Development, are generally performed quite effectively. Questions remain on the implementation of only one federal targeted program for which Roskosmos […]

Su-57 will receive anti-ship missile

The fifth-generation fighter Su-57 will receive a promising anti-ship missile, reports TASS. Currently, the component of such weapons is being developed by the design and engineering bureau Detal (Sverdlovsk region). “Today, the company is developing the active homing head for a promising anti-ship missile, which is also planned for use on the Su-57 aircraft, in […]

A pair of F-35 described the "sky penis"

Two fighters of the fifth generation F-35 Lightning II of the 56th Fighter Wing of the United States Air Force on May 28 during a training flight over Luke Base in Arizona left a contrail in the sky, resembling a penis, reports The Aviationist. The corresponding image of the trail can be found, for example, […]

Google will copy the "monobrow" iPhone X

Google is planning to add support for Android to the cutout at the top of the display. It is reported by Bloomberg, citing the source. According to the agency interlocutor, Google plans to completely revise Android, in order to adapt it to the "new generation of smartphones." This implies adding a cutout on the screen […]

"Roskosmos" will continue to perforate in zero gravity

After drilling a hole in the housing of the domestic compartment of the Soyuz MS-09 manned spacecraft, traces of metallic dust remained, reports RIA Novosti with the statement of Roskosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin. According to him, the state corporation has not yet decided on the reasons for “why the chips were found in certain places […]

Three submarines of Russia surfaced in the ice of the Arctic

The head nuclear submarine (nuclear submarine) “Severodvinsk” of project 885 (code “Ash”) and two strategic submarines “Tula” and “Novomoskovsk” of project 667БДРМ (“Dolphin”) of the Northern Fleet in May worked ascent in the polynyas among the Arctic ice, reports TASS. The crews of submarines performed several practical studies on the use of weapons under the […]