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Price Falcon 9 fell

The launch cost for commercial customers of the Falcon 9 heavy rocket with the previously used first stage has been officially reduced, Space News reports.

The publication drew attention to the statement by Jonathan Hofeller, Vice-President of SpaceX, the American company for commercial sales, made in June at the APSAT-2019 conference (Asia Pacific Satellite Conference). According to the manager, the cost of the carrier, previously applied to the first Falcon 9 customers with the first stage used, has now become “ordinary”.

Hofeller also said that the first commercial launch of the ligament from the fully reusable Starship and Super Heavy missiles, which in the future should replace the entire line of spaceX and SpaceX spacecraft, is scheduled for 2021. Currently, the company is negotiating with a potential customer.

On May 5, it became known that the launch of the light Angara-1.2 turned out to be one and a half times more expensive than the start of the average Soyuz-2.1b.

Last October, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, announced that SpaceX was selling rockets to the Pentagon at reduced prices in order to squeeze Russia out of the market. On August 9 of the same year, the general designer for launch vehicles, Alexander Medvedev, who participated in the development of the Angara family by the Khrunichev Center, reported that the cost of the heavy Proton-M rocket would increase by 2.5 times and equal to the price of the first sample carrier "Angara-A5", flying in December 2014.

In May 2018, SpaceX’s head Ilon Musk stated that he would allow reducing the marginal costs of re-launching the rocket to “less than 5 or 6 million dollars” in about three years. At the same time, the initial launch price of Falcon 9 with the first stage used was estimated at $ 50 million. The cost of launching a new rocket starts at 62 million.


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