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Revealed a sure way to colonize Mars

Scientists at Southeastern Nova University in the United States believe that the first "colonists" on Mars should be microbes, viruses, and fungi before humans settle on the planet. It is reported by Science Alert.

According to the publication, the idea of ​​settling Mars with microorganisms is contrary to long-standing principles that do not allow pollution of the planet. Before the equipment goes into space, it must undergo sanitization, which allows you to save the studied environment in its original form. The appearance of terrestrial microbes on Mars will interfere with the search for signs of ancient life.

Scientists believe that the launch of terraforming processes on the Red Planet with the help of microorganisms is inevitable, and without the intentional pollution of the colonization of Mars would be impossible. As the first "colonists" extremophiles are suitable – unicellular, able to survive in extreme environmental conditions. However, the researchers do not know which organisms are suitable for this, and will not, on the contrary, harm the terraforming.

The use of bacteria and other primitive living creatures is explained by the fact that, multiplying, they will begin to change the composition of the atmosphere and the relief of the planet, making it more suitable for human settlements.