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Revealed new features of the next generation iPhone

The new generation of iPhone, which will be presented in the fall of 2019, is expected to take 3D photos. This writes Business Insider.

One of the most predictable changes will be a camera with three lenses. Thus, Apple will catch up with competitors Samsung and Huawei, which have already equipped their flagships with similar content. It is expected that the American manufacturer will build a sophisticated 3d-camera into the iPhone in 2020, but it is possible that the technology will be tested on iPad tablets before that.

In addition, the Face ID camera and camera recognition program will be improved.

Also in the updates is expected to appear charging function of other devices, like the one that is installed in the Samsung Galaxy S10. One of the most resonant may be Apple’s refusal to charge through the Lightning connector and the transition to conventional USB-C, but analysts consider this option unlikely.

In January, it was reported that Apple will begin to produce clothes that can connect to a smartphone wirelessly. Smart clothing will be able to perform various functions: for example, to collect information about the health of the owner, displaying it on the iPhone screen, or play music through the earphones embedded in the thing.