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Revealed the real characteristics of the new iPhone 11

The network has detailed characteristics of the new Apple smartphones, the presentation of which took place on September 10. They are presented on the GSMArena website.

During the presentation of the new smartphones, Apple said that the iPhone 11 works one hour longer than the iPhone Xr, and the 11 Pro and Pro Max – four and five hours, respectively, compared to the Xs and Xs Max. However, the exact parameters of the battery capacity were not called.

So, the iPhone 11 has a battery capacity of 3110 milliampere-hours, while like the Xr – 2942. That is, the capacity increased by only five percent. The iPhone 11 Pro has a battery of 3190 milliampere-hours, and the Xs has 2658 (an increase of 20 percent). 11 Pro Max has the largest battery in the history of Apple smartphones – it has a capacity of 3,500 milliampere-hours compared to 3,174 for the Xs Max (an increase of 10 percent). Also, all three phones have become thicker and heavier than their predecessors.

However, all three smartphones increased the amount of RAM. The iPhone 11 has four gigabytes of RAM (the iPhone Xr has only three), and the 11 Pro and Pro Max have six gigabytes each (the Xs and Xs Max have four gigabytes).

Apple introduced new smartphones on September 10th. They got new cameras: the iPhone 11 has two, and the 11 Pro has three. Smartphones are also equipped with an Apple A13 Bionic processor, which the company calls the most powerful in the world. Phone sales will begin on September 20 at a price of 60 thousand rubles for the iPhone 11 and 90 thousand for the iPhone 11 Pro.


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