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Roscosmos recognized Russia's loss of status as a space superpower

Roscosmos does not satisfy the current request of the Russians regarding the nature of the country's space policy, RIA Novosti reports a statement by Dmitry Rogozin, general director of the state corporation.

“The main challenge facing the rocket and space industry is that the society’s demand for an effective space policy and self-awareness of the country as a great space power is many times higher than those opportunities, including finances, than the rocket and space industry has” – said Rogozin.

The Director General of Roscosmos also noted that "the only one who can be without a specialized education in the space and rocket industry is the Director General." According to Rogozin, this position is political, not technical.

Russia is the successor of the USSR. The country that ceased to exist was the first in the world to launch an artificial Earth satellite and sent a man into space. The Soviet Union was distinguished by a developed program for the study of the Moon and Venus by automatic interplanetary stations, had an extensive near-Earth constellation of satellites for various purposes, and successfully applied the modular principle in the formation of space stations. Towards the end of its existence, the USSR had its own superheavy rocket and space shuttle. Due to its capabilities and contribution to the world cosmonautics, the USSR and the USA were considered the only space superpowers in the world.