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"Roscosmos" wanted to use the ISS for military experiments

The Russian segment (RS) of the International Space Station (ISS) must be used for military experiments. Such a proposal is contained in an article by Evgenia Mikrin, General Designer of Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, published by Russian Space magazine.

“In order to increase the efficiency of using RS, a new principle of forming a Long-Term Target Work Program is being proposed – restructuring of experiments into three sections: scientific, technological and targeted, including military-applied and commercial ones. When forming the program, an inventory of all experiments will be carried out for relevance, significance and feasibility until 2024, ”the publication says.

According to the general designer, the completion of the construction of the RS with the launch of the multipurpose laboratory module "Science" (in 2020), the universal node module "Wharf" (in 2021) and the scientific and energy module (in 2022) should contribute to the implementation of the plans. .

“These modules are created taking into account the possibility of building a Russian orbital station on their base in the event of the adoption of relevant decisions,” writes Mikrin.

In June 2018, the Director General of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, equated space with religion and named the ten commandments of the state corporation. The first among them was the control over the execution of the state defense order. According to the top manager, this should be understood as “Our Father”.

The “Science” module, created by the “Khrunichev Center” since the mid-1990s, was originally planned to be sent to the ISS in 2007. The launch was repeatedly postponed due to the detection of various problems in the block system. "Science" should become the basis of the Russian national near-earth station after the ISS ceases to exist.


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