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"Roskosmos" eliminates the "ballast" of land and people

The Moscow site of the “Khrunichev Center” occupies a “vast territory”, part of which “is a certain ballast”, said Alexey Varochko, general director of the Roscosmos enterprise, to the Kommersant publication.

According to the manager, “this should be boldly spoken about, part of the territory has not been used since 1986”. “Sometime since 1994, construction in progress was under construction – the building was being built, the money ran out, it remained, the tax burden remained, the territory remained, the connection remained, electricity,” said the general director.

In his opinion, the Moscow enterprise currently does not have a need for such facilities and territories, since “a number of competencies were transferred to Omsk and Ust-Katav,” where the branches of the Khrunichev Center are located.

According to Varochko, the average salary at a Moscow factory is 49 thousand rubles a month. “This is a small salary. But for production workers there are those who receive and more than 100 thousand rubles. There is a ballast – I am not afraid of this word. I include people who are satisfied with 20 thousand rubles, but still want to be present at the enterprise. Not to work, but to attend. But we will close this question too, believe me, ”the manager said.

The CEO noted that by the end of 2018, the company had reduced the debt burden by more than 31 billion rubles, and today the debts of the Khrunichev Center are 84 billion rubles. “For bank liabilities and fines, we received a moratorium for ten years, followed by installments on payments,” – praised the support provided by the state Varochko.

Speaking about the need for the Angara family of rockets, the manager noted government orders for the Ministry of Defense and Roscosmos, as well as the only commercial “debt contract” concluded for the supply of Angara-1.2 to South Korea.

Varochko declined to comment on the launch of the Angara-A5 from the Vostochny space center. “The machine will be ready in time, I have no doubts here, but we can send it there only on the basis of the readiness of the cosmodrome,” the manager promised.

In February, Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin announced the construction of the Khrunichev Center in Fili (Moscow), which has been the most problematic enterprise of Roscosmos for the past few years, as a super-heavy rocket. Money for the project will provide the Moscow government. In exchange, Roskosmos will transfer to the capital the territories of some Moscow state-owned enterprises, in particular the Khrunichev Center.

In February, the head of the state corporation said that “Khrunichev Center” for six months reduced the debt burden by 30 billion rubles.

In November 2018, Rogozin estimated the debt burden of the Khrunichev Center at 111 billion rubles. In July of the same year, he attracted the entire Russian space industry to the search for the use of Angara missiles.


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