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"Roskosmos" will begin to make the "king of the engines"

NPO Energomash, part of Roscosmos state corporation, has announced the launch of mass production of the world's most powerful RD-171MV liquid-propellant rocket engines. The document is published on the public procurement website.

“Purchase of long products of cast steel and alloys RD-171. The product is intended for use by the customer in the main production for assembling the RD-171MV as part of the Phoenix development work, ”the statement of work says. About 19.5 million rubles are planned to be spent on production.

In particular, such “tsar-engines” are intended for use at the first stage of the new Soyuz-5 launch vehicle, and they will also be put on superheavy Yenisei missiles. It is assumed that firing tests of the engine will take place before the end of 2019, flight tests are scheduled for 2021.

In March, Roscosmos published a video in which the RD-171MV was called "the world's most powerful rocket engine." In fact, it is the most powerful of the liquid. The superiority in power is in the solid-propellant side accelerator of the Space Shuttle spacecraft.